A unique experience inside Barcelona.
Need a fresh air? Come work and live with us.


The City

Barcelona is well known for her history and architecture. It was always a vibrant city mixing people from all around the world. Without a doubt the cultural and economical center of Spain. You can find a wide variety of people, from foreign students to old locals.

Happiness and Chill is what strikes you when you move around the streets. You will find everything you can expect in food, bars, tapas, and local goodness. It's also common to shop in local markets and discover small shops with fresh fruits and vegetable.

But don't be fooled by the ambient, Barcelona is a very functional city with plenty of choices regarding transports: metro, bus, tramway, bike, skateboard, cabs, Cabify (Uber local equivalent, high quality, same price as regular cabs). The delivery ecosystem is also diverse and you will find Foodora, Deliveroo, Glovo, and others.

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"L'atelier" means the factory in French. The first time we entered in this flat, we were shocked by the possibility of such space. It also represent a lot of things for us: we are artisans, taking the best ingredients we can to do unique things. L'Atelier is a living place where people experiment and that's what we want for this place.

Weeks after weeks, piece by piece, we designed a space made for happiness. The flat turned into a crazy place full of surprises, equipments, and unique vibes in the very center of Barcelona: El Gotico.

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This is not yet another AirBnB with good pictures. In fact, this offer is nowhere on the internet, only here. We believe in quality over quantity and we will accept only one person (or a couple) at a time even if we have space for more. The design of the flat allows us to live here while hosting people and having enough space to feel comfortable.

Take a tour

The Kitchen

Fully equiped, big hoven, small hoven, user friendly tap. All just simple and functional like you expect.


The Bathroom

Plenty of space, raw materials, shower + bath, light, and candles.

Your Room

Cosy 140x200 bed, simple, luminous, access to a personal small balcony to read or have a coffee.

The Salon

The main space of La Cuina. A combination of old school raw materials and modernity.


The Rooftop

The little secret place to have a sun bath, do yoga, or just chillout with a fresh juice. Do you know how good vitamin D is for your brain?




Some stuff you can use:

TV Panasonic 4K 55" OLED (Chromecast) in the salon.
Sony HTRT3 Sound (5.1, Bluetooth, Chromecast) in the salon.
Bose SoundLink Mini II (Bluetooth) in your room.
WiFi: Symmetric Optical fiber 600mb/600mb (real, not on paper).
Penny Skateboard.
Guitar Epiphone Les Pauls.
Guitar Folk hand made by local artisan.

A way of life

We just love this place and want to share this good vibes with people willing to enjoy Barcelona. You can join us for diner sometimes, inside or outside the flat. Need some energy? Join us to by some fresh food and cook whatever you like the most. We are vegetarians but we don't care if you're not.

Feel hot? Walk to the beach in less than 20 minutes. Shopping? You can't be more central than La Cuina. Need some adventure? Rent a car for a weekend and escape in the mountains, it's just one hour from Barcelona. Just create the experience you want.



We accept people to stay from 1 week to 1 month.
450€/week (breakfast included, no additional cost if 2 people).

Contact us for any questions related to your experience in Barcelona and we will do our best to make you feel home.