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The Atelier is first and foremost a cosy place. We have the chance to live here everyday and we recently opened our Guest Bedroom to anyone who wants to have a good time in Barcelona.

The Gothic area is perfectly located to do any kind of activities in Barcelona. We just love this city, these streets, and unreal places.

Coming to the Atelier is getting back to basics and enjoy simple things.


The living room

A unique space

In a constant evolution, following the activities and the seasons, the living room is our playground. It’s the best place to relax, do exercice, or share music. Our long table can be used in many different ways: painting, gaming, working, or organising fantastic diners.


The bedroom

Your private space

The bedroom is your cocoon. With a cute balcony overhanging an historical Gothic’s street (Baixada de Santa Eulalia), you can enjoy Barcelona from the 2nd floor.

The street is a living area during the day but very quite at night. A perfect balance between good vibes and calm.


The kitchen

Only the best

The kitchen quickly became a central piece of our apartment. Modern, useful, and spacious, it enables countless cooking possibilities. Take the lead and be the Chef.

Cook as wide as you wish: vegetarian, paleo, rodeo, you’re the maestro. A fresh food market is available 5min walking from home with organic and fresh products.


The bathroom


Our bathroom is a mix between modernity and old school. We have our rituals, we respect this place, it gives us a fresh start every mornings.

At night, enjoy a warn bath with champagne, candles, and pink soap.


The rooftop

Just awesome

It’s the place to disconnect and breath. Like another view of Barcelona and ourselves. A piece of sky inside the house.

Reading, chilling or cooking: do it your way.



Surprise is the only constant

It’s simple, warm, and alive. Barcelona is still one of the most vibrant places in Europe. Filled with old streets, artists, and amazing food.

Her soul is still young and foolish. Come and try it yourself.


Let’s talk

The room is available all the year, this page is reserved to the ones who know the link.


  • 5 nights minimum, 25 nights maximum.

  • 2 persons in the bedroom maximum.

  • 90€/night (70€/night if more than 10 days). Breakfast, towels, cleaning included.


  • TV Panasonic OLED 4K, 55” (with Chromecast)

  • Home cinema 5.1

  • PlayStation 4

  • Piano Yamaha NP31 (76 touches)

  • Bose Bluetooth Speakers for you

  • Monitor Dell 27” HDMI for your laptop

  • Washing and drying machine

  • Fiber Optic Internet 600 Mo download and 600 Mo upload (symmetrical)

  • Pole dance barre

  • Gymnastic Rings (wood)

  • 1 electric guitar Epiphone (Les Paul), 1 guitar folk, Marshall speakers.

  • basket ball, volley ball, foot ball. yoga place.

  • 2 BMX

  • 1 crazy cat (Oggy)

Write us here (answer in the hour):

See you at the airport =)

Sarah and Damián