Locate a condom dispenser near you.

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The project

In June 2016, the Bordeaux District (France) started a contest to promote the creation or usage of Open Data in Bordeaux and the region. With three friends, we decided to participate by creating a simple mobile application to locate condom dispensers near you in one click.

The goal was to allow people to add a condom dispenser themselves and search for other ones near you using your GPS.

Website (french):

The application

We developed a working prototype in four days. Noémie was in charge of the UI design, Damien worked on the communication, Sylvain on the frontend integration and I developed the backend and the mobile application logic.

It was available in the browser and didn't require users to download an app on the App Store or Play Store. We had 50 dispensers located in 5 days, 1100 unique visitors from 27 countries, and a lot of fun doing this application.

The data generated from the application was accessible to anyone thanks to an open API.

Key learnings

  • Quick and effective execution
  • Team coordination
  • Ruby On Rails
  • HTML5 / Geolocation
  • Presentation and Pitch