The HubRocket

The HubRocket

The first independent coworking space in Bordeaux.


Team Up

When I was working as a Freelancer in 2011, I had the opportunity to meet a bunch of great people in Bordeaux. After doing some workshops together and frequently meeting in cafes, we decided to open the first coworking place in Bordeaux.

I was part of the founding team, active coworker, and secretary of the association.


The coworking space grew up from 4 people to 15 in the first year and it was a good way to meet new freelancers in Bordeaux.

People from various backgrounds had the chance to join us: designers, developers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and other talents working mostly in the Web eco-system.

Key learnings

  • Community building

  • Sharing knowledge

  • Business Development

  • Freelance support system

  • Event organisation