Long story short.


I'm Damián, self made developer. I sold my first website at age 16 and never stopped doing web stuff ever since.

Development is the fastest way to create things and share them to the world. I was focus on this for years and I dropout of college to follow my own path as a Freelancer in 2010.

I encountered Ruby around 2010 while creating a coworking place in Bordeaux. I started doing Ruby on Rails development for clients in 2011. On the technical side, most of my time was spend doing projects in Ruby, PostgreSQL, Redis, Memcached, Heroku, JavaScript and Sass. I also shipped some iOS apps (Objective-C and React Native).

I co-organised the Bordeaux Ruby Meetup for years and taught Ruby at IngéSup (French Engineering School). I used to be present at various Startup Weekends as co-organiser, mentor, or participant.

In 2013, I co-founded Geeksters, an innovation agency doing web and mobile development for startups and large companies. I spent two years in Morocco recruiting and training a team of young developers. We were specialised in Ruby, Android, and iOS development. My role was to teach best practices regarding development, picking the right technologies and execute critical tasks on client projects.

Today, I'm working as an Independent Consultant and I split my time between client work and personal projects. I use to play Basketball multiple times a week.

Want to talk and work together: Hire me.

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A french interview about some of my background: