Work with me

I use to work on a wide variety of problems but these are the core competencies I want to share with my clients. You can email me for any informations.

Ruby On Rails

  • Audit of Rails applications: extract the non conventional parts, suggest a refactoring plan to keep the code base clean.
  • Teach best practices in Rails development.
  • Train developers from Ruby beginners to advanced.
  • Best practices in cache implementations.
  • Best practices in TDD (Test Driven Development) and DDD (Domain Driven Design).

Frontend performances

  • Audit of websites and performance report.
  • Creating an asset pipeline to optimise your assets delivery.
  • Definition of a long term strategy to keep your website fast after evolutions.


  • UX: define your product roadmap and design the best MVP to get and retain your users.
  • Technology and product: You're creating a new projet and you need to be sure you're going in the good direction? Let's talk about it.