The product pushes thousands of advertising campaigns to Google Ads and Bing. We used Ruby and Sidekiq extensively to send data to Adwords API and Bing Ads API at scale. We became Microsoft Partner of the Year (read on Bing Blog) and we were Google official partners. I worked as full time Senior Developer with a team of 15 developers on a Kubernetes (GKE), Docker, PostgresSQL, Ruby, and Sidekiq Enterprise infrastructure.

Main tasks

  • Open sourcing the Bing Ads Ruby SDK.
  • Deploying new features to optimise CPC on our campaigns.
  • HTTP and TCP optimisations.
  • CSV parsing and generation optimisations.
  • Custom logging and instrumentation of backend (Sidekiq).
  • Custom metrics with Prometheus.
  • CI optimisations: from 45min to 4min full pipeline.
  • Hadoop/Hive/PrestoDB stack to store and query large CSV.
  • Kubernetes and Google Cloud Infrastructure migration.
  • RabbitMQ setup and monitoring.

Key learnings

  • Advanced monitoring.
  • PostgreSQL usage at scale.
  • Creating and managing Google Kubernetes Engine.
  • Full remote work with Senior Developers.
  • Application architecture adaptation regarding the team needs.