Re-Think your workflow with a piano

A simple experiment using Ruby to catch MIDI signals from a master keyboard and execute commands on your computer. (at June 2016)

Web Performance

Talk in two parts with Goulven Champenois. I talked about the asset pipeline process and how to optimise the load time of your web pages. (at Blend Web Mix November 2013)

Phoenix and Elixir working with Rails

A talk I gave in Barcelona at the Elixir Group. It's an example of a real world usage of Elixir/Phoenix alongside with Ruby on Rails. (Elixir |> Barcelona meetup, October 2018).

  • Slides (english): PDF

Ruby Gem Capucine

Capucine was a Ruby gem designed as a command line tool before the rise of grunt, gulp, and webpack. It was made to be used as a static asset compiler for Sass, JavaScript, and CoffeeScript. (RULU, June 2012)