In March 2016, Geeksters was contracted to create a brand new tool to manage scores of the FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC). This online tournament started in 2004 and is now a major E-Sport event. I had the chance to develop and deploy the main tool for the Grand Final in New York.


All referees were assigned to an iPad to manage the games in real time. They were able to add goals, manage penalties and extra times directly from the iPad. All the data was centralised in the back office to create the live screens used by commentators and journalist to comment the games in real time.


Thanks to the tool, all the scores for all games were saved in a centralised database in real time. This scores were used to determine the final winner of the tournament. The tool played a strategic role because we were able to validate the Grand Final winner in less than one minute with 100% confidence in the players statistics.

Key learnings

  • Exhaustive testing
  • Ruby On Rails performances
  • Real Time system
  • Team coordination
  • High pressure management