What is Localtower?

Localtower is a Rails Engine mountable in development environment to help you generate migrations for your Rails application. It's like ActiveAdmin or Sidekiq UI. You plug it in your config/routes.rb and it works out of the box. Check the Installation section below for more details.

How Localtower works?

Localtower gives you a UI to create models and migrations. It will generate a migration file like you would do with rails generate migration add_index_to_users. You will see the generated file in db/migrate/ folder.

Why creating a UI for Rails migrations?

Rails migrations are well documented in the official Rails Guides but we often tend to forget some commands or do typo errors. Like writing add_index :user, :email instead of add_index :users, :email (did you spot the typo?). Working from a UI with a fixed list of commands reduces the chance of making errors.

Some Screenshots

Key learnings

  • Publishing a Ruby gem
  • Maintaining an Open Source project
  • Tech Documentation